EBAY sell an item page

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EBAY sell an item page

Unread post by vingtzwanzig » 2018-03-14, 02:58

While the new style Ebay sell an item page is pretty awful on CPU usage at best, in the latest unstable build it seems slightly worse than usual, relentlessly using near max CPU and running my fans at max most of the time. Returning to the previous version sees some respite at least some of the time when not doing too much on the page. First I tried upgrading my OS which I had not done between changing to the new PM, in case newer libs helped, it made no difference, so I went back to last weeks unstable PM. No idea why this is, and it is difficult to precisely quantify as the CPU use varies except by overall effect on CPU temp and thus fan speed, which seemed to be almost always on max with the newer version and less so with the older one.
palemoon-27.9.0a1_180305.linux-i686.tar.bz2 vs palemoon-27.9.0a1_180312.linux-i686.tar.bz2