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Missing content

Posted: 2016-11-18, 12:53
by back2themoon
Please take a look at this page, for example. It's a sort of test/quiz but all that content is missing in Pale Moon (visible in IE/FF). Tried Safe Mode and FF mode.

Error console:

Code: Select all

Error: ReferenceError: wpvq_count_pages is not defined
Source File:
Line: 7
(update: also occurs in 26.5.0)

Re: Missing content

Posted: 2016-11-18, 14:25
by Moonchild
Impossible to reverse-engineer this. You'll have to ask the website operators for details.

Re: Missing content

Posted: 2016-11-18, 14:29
by back2themoon
Thanks, I'll try. Anything specific I should ask for or just a general "not working" request?

Re: Missing content

Posted: 2016-11-18, 15:23
by Sajadi
Perhaps it makes sense to ask if they use some bleeding edge ECMAScript features, which for example Pale Moon does not support? Tested the page with Otter-Browser which uses a revived and updated qtwebkit engine which supports now also newer script features and Otter can show the page with it's content.

So asking about not supported script features seems to be a reasonable suggestion :)