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Sync extended maintenance and data reset

Posted: 2021-05-26, 12:00
by Moonchild
The Sync server will be taken down immediately for extended database maintenance and a data reset.
This is necessary due to data fragmentation caused by the weekly churn of about half a million stale rows in the database and 100-odd user accounts purged.
I've decided to perform a data reset (purge of synced data) instead of trying to defrag the db because:
  • Time needed for defragmentation would be restrictive;
  • Client-side fragmentation would not be addressed (e.g. having your history synced in thousands of small chunks);
  • Stale data from no-longer-synced devices will be purged this way, reducing unnecessary usage of quota and db space on the server.
Kind request: if you do not intend to use Sync as part of your daily routine to keep multiple machines in sync with each other, then please do not set up the Sync service.
Also a reminder that this is not a backup service. Storage on the sync server is volatile and temporary and should not be relied on to restore your profile data from as-if it was a backup service.

When sync is back up, you will have to re-sync your data from your browser. This may take some time.

Re: Sync extended maintenance and data reset

Posted: 2021-05-26, 14:02
by Moonchild
Maintenance has been completed. Carry on.