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Sync extended maintenance

Posted: 2020-12-28, 09:57
by Moonchild
Sync will be taken down for extended maintenance Wednesday 2020-12-30 10:00 UTC

This will involve system and database maintenance which may take up to 12 hours.

Please note: to address some disk performance issues, we may be forced to drop the synced data table, which means your data will have to be re-synchronized to the server after maintenance is complete. (We'll try to avoid this if at all possible, of course.)
As a reminder: don't use sync as a backup service. Your synchronized data is not guaranteed to persist.

Re: Sync extended maintenance

Posted: 2020-12-30, 08:56
by Moonchild
Start has been moved up by an hour. Maintenance is currently underway.

Re: Sync extended maintenance

Posted: 2020-12-30, 16:26
by Moonchild
Maintenance has been completed.
Db errors were corrected without data loss and performance should be up to par.