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Sync frequency / pinned tabs

Post by back2themoon » 2020-04-11, 10:20

Hello everyone, I'm about to try Sync mostly for tabs and here are a few questions:

1. Does Sync take place automatically (if so, when?), or do I have to manually sync? For example, if I close the browser can I be sure the open tabs are synced, or do I have to manually sync before closing to be 100% sure?

2. Are pinned tabs synced? I did a quick a test and the second device I added did not pick any of them. I selected the correct option (the second one, to replace everything in the 2nd/new device, leaving Sync data intact - no code, I used the recovery key). Perhaps some extension is interfering but it'd be good to know.

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Re: Sync frequency / pinned tabs

Post by Moonchild » 2020-04-11, 10:28

1. Sync happens automatically, and shortly after significant changes happen, but it won't force itself upon shutdown. So if you're going to open new tabs and then immediately shut down it won't sync those.

2. Normal sync operation is to merge data to keep everything in sync. You should always use that in normal situations.
Synced Tabs (including pinned) will be available in the "synced tabs" category. Don't expect sync to create a mirror across devices because that is not what sync does. It isn't a mirroring service, it's a synchronizing service, making tabs from other devices also available, not exclusively available. Other categories will be fully synchronized but you can't do that with "open documents", only with history, bookmarks, (a selection of) preferences, passwords and form data.
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