Sync setup and pairing dialog windows have *severe* display problems in both Windows and Linux

Anything to do with the Pale Moon Sync service.
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Sync setup and pairing dialog windows have *severe* display problems in both Windows and Linux

Post by [PCMartin] » 2019-12-16, 20:23

I recently attempted to set up syncing between Pale Moon installs on my Windows 7 and Linux Mint 19.2 Cinnamon computers. Both computers are running the latest version of Pale Moon (28.8.0).

I began by opening a Sync account from Pale Moon for Windows. It took many canceled attempts until I got an interface that seemed like it might be complete enough to fill out and submit. Some elements of the window were grossly oversized and covered other elements, and some elements (like the Cancel and Next buttons) were entirely outside what I guess were intended to be the dialog box borders. But I finally succeeded in setting up an account.

Next, I tried to pair my Pale Moon for Linux install. In Pale Moon for Linux, Sync-dialog display problems were even more severe. I never saw anything close to a full interface permitting me to enter (or read) the required information. Moreover, the screen was not entirely redrawn when I canceled out and tried again: I ended up with more than one "out of box" Cancel button, one of which was nonfunctional.

My eyesight is declining with age, and as a result I have set scaling on my Windows computer to 125% and done something similar on my Linux computer. (I vaguely remember setting either general scaling or font scaling to 1.2 in Linux Mint.) That said, I'm not having problems with any other Pale Moon dialog boxes/windows (and I've been through a lot of them). I suspect the issue is with the Sync dialog windows themselves.

Unless there is something obvious I've missed (and I'm all ears), I'm considering this a bug, and a bug worth fixing. (I rely heavily on my browsing history, and I'm really looking forward to consolidating it across computers.)

BTW, Pale Moon is still my favorite browser by a long shot, for its privacy, user-control, customizability, and powerful extensions. Many, many thanks to the developers.
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