Sync failure to connect during sync setup

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Sync failure to connect during sync setup

Post by SlySven » 2018-07-07, 23:48

I'm just switching over to PaleMoon because my FreeBSD OS (11.1-Release-p11) has just gotten updated (from p10 to p11) and my FireFox ESR unexpectedly got dragged up from 52.x to 60.0 :twisted: - thereby breaking so many of the addons I was comfortable with that I decided to make the break.

Unfortunately I think I am getting the same problem that I recall I once had when using the same type of Sync service on FireFox.

I have dabbled with Palemoon before but I do not recall having set up the sync service - I have grown dependent on the Firefox version (Sync 1.5) because my main PC triple boots (Windows7/Debian "Stretch" Linux/FreeBSD) and having the same browser with synced data on all three of those OSes and on several other PCs some of which also dual-boot makes things much simpler for me. So I went to setup the Sync (1.1 which I remember from past usage on Firefox) on the Palemoon - after entering the same email as I used for registering on this forum an hour or so ago and a password - which I also placed in an otherwise empty text editor I clicked on the "I agree to the T&Cs" option and then the "Next" button, and I got presented with this initial sync setup screen - which has remained in that "no progress" state ever since...
Notice the "Sync encountered an error while syncing: Incorrect account name or password, Sync will automatically retry this action. [[Preferences...]]" message at the bottom.

This is messed up - but if I look into the Saved Passwords I can see that the Sync name and password stuff has been saved in some atypical entries:
Back in the dim and distant past I recall that NoScript or some other add-on on FireFox blocked Sync from working until I whitelisted something - does anyone have any idea what might need to be whitelisted to get Sync 1.1 working on Palemoon?

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Re: Sync failure to connect during sync setup

Post by Moonchild » 2018-07-08, 11:30

Sync is completely independent. Just because you have a forum account does not automatically mean you have a Pale Moon Sync account as well. You have to set up sync by creating a new Sync account. Of course you CAN use the same login credentials as on the forum, if you wish, but they are not linked.
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