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Sync Terms of Service updated

Posted: 2018-07-06, 14:59
by Moonchild
The Sync Terms of Service have been updated today.

This is a small update changing our policy for limited time storage.
Previously, we would run regular database maintenance and remove synced user data that had not been modified in a while. This approach was not satisfactory as it would not take active use into account, only modification, and would also potentially remove static data in actively used accounts, requiring a re-sync. User accounts would not be touched.

We are now changing our policy, considering there are a large number of user accounts that have been abandoned. From now on, we will monitor active use of your account (the server will keep track of active use for each account by storing a single timestamp equivalent to your last successful login) and if you are not actively using your account, it will be removed in its entirety after 90 days of inactivity, with data removal occurring after 60 days of inactivity. This means removal of both your user account and the synchronized data stored on the server after certain periods of time to keep unnecessary waste of database space to a minimum.
If your account has been removed due to inactivity, you can recreate it.

To clarify what happens if you don't use Pale Moon Sync (don't log in to your account from a client to synchronize):
  • After 60 days, synchronized data (bookmarks, passwords, tabs from other devices, etc.) will be removed. Your user account will remain present but any data will have to be re-synchronized if you start using it again.
  • After 90 days, your user account will also be removed. The only way to use Pale Moon Sync after this time of inactivity is to create a new Sync account (with the same or a different e-mail address).
If you are a Sync user you should take a moment to read the updated TOS, as your continued use of Sync will indicate your agreement with them.
Read the full TOS here: