Automatic sync - Bug?

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Automatic sync - Bug?

Unread post by Luna Tic » 2016-11-28, 18:18

Upgraded to 27.0.1, then looked around in Options.
On the Sync tab there were some entries that I have not made, as I never set up sync. I don't want anything to do with it. Not even sure what it is good for, but my understanding is that it sends some data somewhere on the interwebs. So I was quite surprised to see that it was set up automatically, with all the options checked. Why did it happen? Is it a bug? Did it send my data somewhere? How can I chech what it did? Is there a way to unsend it?

Looks like it has something to do with services.sync.enabled. When that is set to false, then the auto setup happnes, and sets it to true. I don't know if it does anything else, like send data.

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Re: Automatic sync - Bug?

Unread post by lihatt » 2016-12-03, 05:51

I dunno if this is similar, opposite, or what... but recently updating to PM 27.0.1 (Win 10 x64) seems to have broken Sync, by which I mean that it had been working normally and syncing bookmarks (which is all I had it configured to do), but now is behaving as if I had never set up Sync in the first place.