Firefox 11a1-UX: an impression

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Firefox 11a1-UX: an impression

Unread post by Moonchild » 2011-11-14, 12:34

To stay ahead of what the Mozilla Corp. plans to do with Firefox, I gave 11a1-UX a whirl.
Even with the "javascript improvements" in v9, the first impression was that it was a lug, and sluggish.
Running it (sandboxed) on a Firefox 7.0.1 profile, there was no visible difference in the UI at first glance, so at least they mostly kept the option in place to keep current UIs (for the time being). Painfully absent was the "show all tabs" option, the graphical display with search being forced disabled to use a simple drop-down list.

Starting and browsing a few minutes, it started spiking my CPU and my hard disk. No idea what it was doing, but no doubt cache bustage and/or eating ram like potato chips and starting to swap out.

Then, the "new tab" page: showing most visited and bookmarked pages - open a new tab, prepare for 100% processor usage for a good 30 seconds as it loads and renders thumbnails for the pages... :|

Not for one or other, I ran it through Peacekeeper and it got confirmed: Noticeably slower than Firefox 7, and much slower than Pale Moon 7:

First impression: Is it even worth my time? No.
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