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Pale Moon on Tribblix (illumos)

Posted: 2021-03-14, 12:44
by ptribble
I'm the creator and maintainer of an illumos distribution called Tribblix.

I'm very impressed with Pale Moon. It just works. No patches, no messing around, no need for obscure configurations, builds straight off without issues.

(Other than a 15GB ld process when linking libxul, but I digress.)

Anyway, the mozconfig I'm using is ... .mozconfig

which is copied directly from

with the following two extra lines:

ac_add_options --disable-gconf
ac_add_options --disable-pulseaudio

because, and only because, Tribblix does not have those.

Other than that the build environment is pretty standard. Gcc7, GTK3, 64-bit x86, nothing unusual.

I would like to confirm that official branding is OK in this case. (And, if not, what changes I need to make to bring it into line. One thing I would say is that my philosophy is to ship software exactly as the author intended.)

And thanks for a great product!

Re: Pale Moon on Tribblix (illumos)

Posted: 2021-03-14, 12:57
by Moonchild
Thanks for checking with us! This is the way to do it people. Pay attention.

The build configuration looks fine to me for official branding. If you don't do anything else to the browser configuration then it's all good.
Your needed additions are just there to come to a positive build on the target O.S. so you are in full compliance with the exemption requirements outlined in the redistribution license.

P.S.: you may thank Athenian200 for the painless building you experienced on Illumos ;-)

Re: Pale Moon on Tribblix (illumos)

Posted: 2021-03-14, 14:39
by New Tobin Paradigm
I am likewise impressed. Congrats!

Additionally, you can exclude the MOZ_PKG_SPECIAL and dependent local var if you are going to system package this. We only need that kind of distinction for the more generic builds accessing our Automatic Update Service. If this is gonna be package system controlled you don't need the extra identification between flavors of SunOS.

Re: Pale Moon on Tribblix (illumos)

Posted: 2021-03-14, 15:33
by athenian200
I'm really happy that you're interested in Pale Moon. So far I had a lot of trouble getting people interested. Tribblix is one of the most interesting illumos distros I've seen so far, actually. It's more geared to advanced users, and personally I think that's really cool in this day and age.

I was actually worried about the implications of disabling GConf at first, but it turns out that GTK3 doesn't really require it anyway, so it should be okay. Yeah, you need a ton of RAM to build this. Building it with only 8GB of RAM really sucks. I can get by because my main machine has 32GB of RAM on an old Ivy Bridge processor. If the system has less than 16GB or so, it will take a long time to build and require a swap partition that's at least 16GB (which is painful especially if you have a mechanical hard drive).

I hope that Tribblix and illumos in general have a bright future, and I really look forward to trying to finally make this work meaningful. This kind of gives me more motivation to keep going... to be honest, the lack of interest from people was beginning to demoralize me.

Re: Pale Moon on Tribblix (illumos)

Posted: 2021-04-28, 09:09
by ptribble
And I've just built 29.2.0 on Tribblix. Glad to report that the build continues to "just work".

(For anyone having an old .mozconfig, removing --enable-phoenix-extensions if you have it is esential. The build notes at appear to have been updated, which is excellent.)

Thanks again for such an excellent product!

Re: Pale Moon on Tribblix (illumos)

Posted: 2021-04-28, 09:21
by New Tobin Paradigm
Good to hear and really you deserve the thanks for doing a great job on providing your users with a quality built package and for supporting us. Which is rare as gold.