Why do you use the unstable builds of Pale Moon?

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Why do you use the unstable builds?

Poll ended at 2020-04-08, 17:10

To get early access to the latest and greatest changes
To help development of my favorite browser by testing and reporting bugs
Because I want to (read: I'm a moron)
I don't
Total votes: 22

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New Tobin Paradigm
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Why do you use the unstable builds of Pale Moon?

Post by New Tobin Paradigm » 2020-03-25, 17:10

Since there seems to be some confusion about the unstable builds and a general lack of catching several bugs that made it to release.. I want to know why you use the unstable version.

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Re: Why do you use the unstable builds of Pale Moon?

Post by therube » 2020-03-25, 18:23

(browsers in general, not specific to PM...)

For me, usability & stability are of prime importance.
These days, I do not find any browser that meets those (what should be minimal) criteria.

That said, I use what I'm comfortable with.
Then I dabble with browsers that may do certain things better then what my comfortable browser does.

(on the FF end, more specifically...)

I treat FF as a trash browser.
Don't care what I do to it, don't care what I throw at it.
If it works, it works, if it breaks, it breaks. I don't worry myself about it.

I no longer consider FF to do anything in the users interest.
I no longer expect FF to act (UI/UX) in a reasonable manner.
I no longer expect Mozilla to fix "usability" bugs.
I do not expect FF to be stable.

Given times, & FF update cycle, just about every time you turn around, a new version is out, & with that something breaks...

So to me, at this point with them, whether you are on Release or Nightly, there really isn't a whole lot of difference.

That said, at some point in time, Nightly got a fix (finally) to a bug that was really bugging me.
So at that point, I jumped to Nightly, & have just remained there (considering I don't consider FF to be particularly usable or stable, & I treat it as a trash browser).

So my reason, for (FF) unstable (Nightly) was because of a fix that came through there (now since in Release) & there just isn't any particular reason to drop back to Release.

So, every so often, I'll hit a bug, or some "feature" that bugs me to no end, & file a Bug report.
I don't particularly expect any action to be taken on any Bug report, but still do (report, sometimes).

(Never used PM unstable. Maybe I should?)

(I think I went overboard, & not exactly what you're looking for. But as no one else... ;-).
Guess I just should have said, oh, I try to help out by keeping an eye open for things that are wrong so that they can get fixed in a timely manner - before turning up in a release :-).)

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