Version for XP and Win7 support

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Version for XP and Win7 support

Post by hayc59 » 2019-07-26, 15:22

Hello fellow moon walkers!
To the main boss of this awesome browser......your welcome and maybe you can
come up with a version of this browser for us little folks who still are attracted to
WIN XP PRO/HOME ..and extend the support for WIN 7 for ever!! :)

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Re: SERVER Fund Razer...

Post by Tomaso » 2019-07-26, 15:34

Windows XP won't be officially supported by Pale Moon again.
But you can use Feodor2's unofficial builds:

If you want to report any issues for those builds, it should be done at his GitHub repo.

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Re: SERVER Fund Razer...

Post by Moonchild » 2019-07-26, 16:52

I've already explained many times and in detail why NT5 (XP) support was dropped.
It's not gonna happen.

Also, please use relevant topic titles when you create threads and post them in the correct board. (see forum rules, 5b and 5c)
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