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Headless use...

Post by FreedomOfChoice » 2019-05-07, 21:17


thanks for maintaining one of the last more or less free browsers.

What really wonders me: Why are there so few options for headless use of browsers in general? In order to have a lot of freedom with browsers one of the easiest solutions was to tell a browser to draw inside the window of a completely independent program, i.e. some kind of "browser plugin". Then one could draw whatever user interace and send the desired action to the browser using some API. This would eliminate nearly all of the problems of having to adopt a GUI that may not meet one's ideas of user interfaces in any way.

I have always changed my browsers a lot and the work to maintain those changes has grown a lot throughout the last two decades. I really fear to install Pale Moon 28.x as I am quite sure that it will cost me days or weeks to make it look and work the way I want it to and maybe I will never get it to the point where I want it to be, as I have never managed to get 27.x to draw sharp icons in main bar as I have a high-DPI display and large scaled versions of far to small icons for example which was a small enough bug that could be accepted.

Disconnecting the rendering engine from the UI would be one of the best things that ever happened in browser develeopment as it would be the only way to give the user ALL the freedom he might want to have.

Any ideas of how I could make Pale Moon being only the slave of my own browser that does everything that is really web related while my application handles everything else using some kind of API? (for example: DrawURLinViewport, ScrollUpViewport, ScrollDownViewport, WriteCanvasShotToMemory, ActivateLinkAtXY, GetLinkInformationAtXY)

Thanks in advance for your help!

P.S.: Of course one could compile Pale Moon by oneself and completely change the UI. But: This seems to be more than just difficult and I am quite sure you do not offer a virtual machine containing a preconfigured build system that runs through without some single error appearing like all complex projects have done that I ever have tried to compile...