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Pale Moon User Interface Freezes

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Pale Moon User Interface Freezes

Unread post by linuxrocks123 » 2023-11-20, 04:27

Platform: Linux x64 GTK2

After the browser has been open for a day or so, the UI will regularly freeze for several seconds at a time. During these freezes, one CPU core will be spiked at 100%, and keystrokes and clicks will be buffered and will be processed once the freeze has completed. Once these freezes begin, they happen so frequently that the browser must be restarted to restore an acceptable user experience. This failure mode seems to happen more frequently on my AMD-based laptop than on my Intel-based desktop machines.

My guess is that it's the JavaScript garbage collector or something similar. Building Pale Moon seems like an involved process, but, if you can point me to a Linux binary that has debugging symbols included, I'll run it through GDB and give you a backtrace of the program state when the freezes happen.

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Re: Pale Moon User Interface Freezes

Unread post by biopsin » 2023-11-20, 07:04

Yea I notice it only and mainly after visiting github; cpu bounces from 10% to 50% with all tabs closed until browser restart.
voidlinux_x64 glibc-2.36 / Palemoon_latest release (gcc-12.2.0) / GTK2

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