32 milestone congratulations!

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Re: 32 milestone congratulations!

Unread post by UCyborg » 2023-02-01, 11:47

Wow, the first is issue is opened since 2015. Though the site would also need some tweaks. It wants custom elements, I added rule to Palefill extension to add them, but those graphs still aren't rendered. No console errors after adding the pkg-WebComponents rule.

BTW, sorta got Nextcloud at my workplace working, except PDF viewer and the page for viewing logs. For the critical layout issue (unscrollable content view), I set:

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#content {
  height: calc(100% - 4em) !important;
Moonchild wrote:
2023-01-31, 10:15
It would help a lot for web developers, but that would require them to acknowledge Pale Moon as an actual engine fork. And for some reason nobody in the "popular" segment wants that.
Yeah, and that old article from How-To Geek about why one shouldn't use Firefox forks like Pale Moon, Waterfox, or Basilisk is still being thrown around at times.

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Re: 32 milestone congratulations!

Unread post by Moonchild » 2023-02-01, 12:26

UCyborg wrote:
2023-02-01, 11:47
Though the site would also need some tweaks. It wants custom elements
That's really paradoxical, isn't it? I'd think a site like that should be browser-agnostic... :think:
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Eduardo Lucas
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Re: 32 milestone congratulations!

Unread post by Eduardo Lucas » 2023-02-03, 04:25

I'm so happy most of the things i use now work and i can mostly ditch mainstream browsers, excluding for whatsapp (which is a mess and works badly even in webkit). Performance is also great and it flies in avx2 builds. Thanks to all the team.

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Re: 32 milestone congratulations!

Unread post by andyprough » 2023-02-09, 03:44

Another site that is now working with Pale Moon milestone version 32 is Foxit's PDF online editor (pdfonline.foxit.com). This is big for me, because it gives me a full-featured PDF editor on desktop Linux without having to use wine or a Windows vm.

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