Serious issue: Pale Needs a new update

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Serious issue: Pale Needs a new update

Unread post by thejerseydevil » 2021-06-12, 19:22


I suspect Pale Moon needs another update (if it's not already in the works).


When you purchase a prepaid Visa from Walmart or Target, the number, date, and CVV are delivered electronically via email. When I try to click through the "view and print Your eGift Card" link, the link resolves to a OneVanilla or MyBalanceNow homepage and login form. It isn't supposed to. It's supposed to access a secured page with the card's number etc. No login necessary.

However, the link worked correctly when I changed my email client's default browser to Google Chrome. Obviously, some sort of protocol or standard has been revised, and Pale Moon left in the lurch.

Perhaps it has something top do with security tokens, certificates etc?

This reminds me of the time I tried signing in to my Walmart account using Pale Moon, and was forced to complete a "prove your not a robot' test, which kept restarting each time I completed the test successfully. An endless loop. I couldn't access walmart from Pale Moon. That was eventually fixed by a later Pale Moon Update.

Hope this is fixed soon. I don't like using 'Google' anything.

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Re: Serious issue: Pale Needs a new update

Unread post by Moonchild » 2021-06-12, 20:39

thejerseydevil wrote:
2021-06-12, 19:22
Obviously, some sort of protocol or standard has been revised
That isn't at all obvious from where I'm standing.
A URL is a URL. That standard has not changed.

Regardless, I'm not sure what you expect us to do if we don't have an example of the e-mail received or link sent to the browser. Of course, that's going to be difficult if it pertains to prepaid credit card data that you can't post, but you should be able to provide us with anonymized data included in the e-mail. We still won't be able to verify if it automatically logs you in, of course, but it might indicate some obvious problem in the e-mail formatting or link.
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