Tip: How to solve lexmark print issues with Win XP

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Tip: How to solve lexmark print issues with Win XP

Post by lyceus » 2011-09-17, 03:31

Hello everybody!

If you have windows XP (any version) and a lexmark printer maybe you can already saw that palemoon just show a "Prop Res DLL not loaded" box when you try to change printer settings. First of all this is a common Windows bug that is not related only palemoon but a lot of other programs like Gimp, Outlook, Office, etc. Blame the crappy lexmark drivers instead. :roll:

How to fix this:

1. Close palemoon.
2. Locate the files lx??prp*.* in the directory C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\drivers\w32x86\3.
3. Then copy it to C:\WINDOWS\system32.
4. Start palemoon

More info of this on http://support.lexmark.com:80/lexmark/index?page=content&locale=EN&productCode=&segment=SUPPORT&viewlocale=en_US&searchid=1302585306616&actp=search&userlocale=EN_US&id=SO5144