How long Palemoon to support XP?

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Re: How long Palemoon to support XP?

Post by c7rax » 2017-11-22, 09:18

Thehandyman1957 wrote:There is a lot of folks, including a lot of businesses that won't upgrade to W10. So we'll see.
And seeing that the foundation for 10 is almost the same as W7 (NT6) I don't see there being a problem for some time.
With the Microsoft commercial action to give everyone W10 for free it won't change anything now.
Without that action the popularity of W10 would be on Vista level.
Only really oponents of W10 will stay on older systems. I am one of them for now.

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Re: How long Palemoon to support XP?

Post by Moonchild » 2017-12-14, 06:13

All of this is quite off-topic here, but making a remark anyway about it:
c7rax wrote:Only really oponents of W10 will stay on older systems.
I don't think that's the case. There are plenty of people on older systems that would upgrade to Win 10 if Win 10 properly supported their systems; but that's not the case.
On the flipside, there's plenty of people who buy a new system who don't want Windows 10, but one has to be very careful when buying new hardware because it may by now be vendor-locked to Microsoft (secureboot, etc.) that makes it really hard to install something else on it. I'm sure that also drives the numbers up, aside from the fact that Win 10 is the only thing you can still get on new ready-made hardware if it comes with an OS.
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Re: How long Palemoon to support XP?

Post by visionhelp » 2017-12-15, 21:52

37.0.2 I am told is the last version of FF for XP SP3. A version 52 does it ? A link ?

In Germany it is freemail, who deny send and receive emails in Outlook Express (at around this October), only still with Thunderbird, they say. Probably still with a version without chat and calender and what else.

There now I help me with getting these mails over an other mail-account, for to receive.

My current problem (in PM 26.0.5) is the blue-screens, and the long re-boot from this, from html5 on a site.
I think of a filter to switch off this html5 commands to prevent me from this blue-screens.
Or does help this just a html5-player ?

If the wrong place for this question, put it to the better place, please. Thank You.