Flash on older systems

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Flash on older systems

Post by Moonchild » 2013-12-30, 12:30

If you find that web pages use a lot of CPU, your main issue is almost certainly the Flash plugin (which is not my responsibility, but Adobe's). People on slower systems have reported lots of processor-gobbling issues with the latest versions and I always suggest they install an older version of Flash player instead (11.7 or 10.3).

Instructions found here:

Since some people have also expressed confusion about the multiple processes running as part of Pale Moon, a brief description of processes:
  • Pale Moon web browser: this is the actual browser
  • Plugin container: this is Pale Moon's container process for plugins - it's separate so that crashing plugins will not crash the entire browser as well, making you lose work. This is called OOPP, or Out Of Process Plugin-execution. The container itself is minimal, and if you see it using a lot of CPU/Memory, then that is because of the plugin running in it (not Pale Moon's responsibility)
  • Flash player .exe: Later versions of Adobe Flash further externalize by having the plugin (running in the container) spawn another process that does the actual work. So this is why you see yet another process in your task manager whenever you visit a web page with Flash content.
If Flash content is restrictive for your resources, you may want to go into your Add-On manager in Pale Moon, tab Plugins, and set Adobe Flash to "Ask to activate" - this will allow you to only allow Flash content on websites where you want/need it (like video streaming sites or similar) and disable it otherwise (e.g. when used for advertisements). Allowing can be temporary or permanent, and a description of how plugins are handled in Pale Moon can be found in this thread.
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