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openjdk in pale moon

Post by jasonk » 2018-10-29, 18:57

What's the procedure for getting openjdk to be recognized as a valid plugin in pale moon for Windows? Our company wants to dump the oracle version of java and switch totally to openjdk. Have the Red Hat version of openjdk for windows installed on our desktops but the applets won't run in palemoon. Java home and the path is set to openjdk.
Can do a java -version and get a response:
Where in pale moon do I point it to open jdk's java/bin? Is that all that's missing?
A java program that we use DOES run using openjdk in windows, its just getting pale moon to run java apps.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: openjdk in pale moon

Post by Moonchild » 2018-10-29, 20:01

You need to have an NPAPI Java browser plugin for it to be usable in Pale Moon. Pale Moon will not use the java standalone executable directly.
Once you have that, you should drop the plugin in any of the paths searched for by Pale Moon. Refer to ... s_Plug-ins for details.
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