Questions about move to PM 28

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Lucio Chiappetti
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Questions about move to PM 28

Post by Lucio Chiappetti » 2018-10-04, 13:24

I am asymptotically :mrgreen: moving from my old suse 11 w/s with PM 25 to a new suse Leap 42 ... since the migration from a test username (where I installed PM 27 as reported in July) to my actual username was not yet completed, I decided to try PM 28.
The migration (from 27) itself was rather smooth :clap: , PM 28 started upgrading one addon (I do not care for cookies 2.8.9 > 2.9.1) and accepted all the rest; and the videos previously no longer working now work :clap: .
Then I did a careful check of the Preferences (moved from Edit to Tools), running one instance on the old system in "setenv DISPLAY" alongside an instance on the new system, noted the differences and consulted the spot help :clap: (would you believe I never noticed before that each Preferences screen/tab has an online help) ... In general I found that most new preferences have an acceptable default, and changed only a couple or so.

Finally I had a look at the about:config, which is inherited from layers of previous installations back to the Palaeolithic. Maybe some even to Firefox. I wonder whether some of those entries are obsolete and could be removed. I report only the first tokens in the property name"
  • signed.applets...
  • extensions.firebug... (firebug is no longer installed since ages)
  • distribution.opensuse... (suspect inherited from age old firefox)
and finally a bunch of general.useragent.override... for various sites (reporting different user agent strings, some definitely out of date). Would you think wise to remove all of them, if I keep the Firefox compatibility mode ? Will that produce something good enough to fool those annoying sites doing user agent sniffing and insisting for upgrading to their preferred combination ?
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Re: Questions about move to PM 28

Post by fillerup » 2018-10-04, 13:49

for the prefs you mentioned, i checked in my relatively new W10 28.1 profile and found signed.applets.codebase_principal_support = false (default). the firebug pref can an should be removed, and in all my time using PM on linux i never any pref relating to distro, so i suspect that's ancient cruft as well.

as for the useragents, take a screenshot of all of them, then remove them and add them back if you notice issues on each respective site. although, with such a large generational leap, i strongly recommend you build a new profile from scratch and individually export/import each addon configuration instead of keeping the old profile. i used to be very stubborn about that as well (kept my profile from early 2014 until late this May when i got a new laptop), and i find the new profile to be better performing (could very well be placebo, but the peace of mind alone is worth it).

also, use Clean Uninstall addon so you don't get leftover configs each time you remove an addon