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Multi-user Shockwave updates

Posted: 2018-04-12, 07:16
by gordon451
I'm using PM 26.4.1 x64 in Win7 HP SP1 x64. I have currently 3 accounts on the box: Admin, me (LUA) and a minion (LUA). I always install software from Admin, and where necessary install work-arounds to make it "all users". I also do all upgrades from Admin. (Pale Moon is one of my back-up browsers :shock: )

I have discovered that Adobe Shockwave upgrades do not propagate to PM in the non-admin accounts. PM in Admin sees Shockwave Flash, and all sites work perfectly, but in the other accounts PM doesn't even know about Adobe even though KM and IE get their upgrades propagated. In looking around for clues, I see that the original PM install does not have any \browser\plugins\ folder--but PM in Admin sees Shockwave :o So how do I tell non-Admin PM where to look?

I can--of course--make an appropriate plugins folder. OTOH, will that be auto-updated by Adobe? And I'm not in the mind to continuously drag Shockwave files out of SysWoW into PM folder.

So what setting do I need to adjust? I am quite happy to do Registry hacks (which I suspect will be the answer). I might even be persuaded to upgrade PM to a more modern version if that gives other performance benefits over the Adobe problem.