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Can't login to Amazon account

Posted: 2017-11-06, 17:16
by rmalcolm
Recently, PM will not allow me to login to my Amazon account. PM instantly shuts down and I get an error message "plugin container has stopped working". I am running PM Version: 27.5.1 (32-bit) and have recently updated Flash. Youtube works fine and I can login to the Amazon account from several other browsers. Any suggestions?

Re: Can't login to Amazon account

Posted: 2017-11-06, 21:29
by Moonchild
I'm having no issue with logging into Amazon (I've recently done some business with them).
If you're having issues with the latest update of Flash crashing and taking the browser down with it (and Amazon for some reason uses Flash on their login page...?) then I'd suggest a few things to try:
  1. Go to Add-Ons in the browser, category "plugins", click the "Options" button in the Flash plugin entry, and deselect the option "Enable Flash protected mode". Restart the browser to make sure the plugin state is properly refreshed, and try logging in again.
  2. If that doesn't help, set the Flash plugin to "Ask to activate" -- hidden instances of Flash will no longer automatically run in that case, and I don't think Amazon actually needs Flash for anything in their login procedure.
  3. If that still doesn't work or you don't like having to manually activate flash on web pages, you can try rolling back to the previous version of Flash.

Re: Can't login to Amazon account

Posted: 2018-03-06, 21:51
by extra_D_string
No trouble signing in to amazon.

Laptop computer, 32bit
Pale Moon 27.8.0
Flash Player plugin, current version
Windows Vista