Flash Player vs. HTML5 Player in v27

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Re: Flash Player vs. HTML5 Player in v27

Post by kizo07 » 2017-03-06, 21:57

Just to conclude, before I'm out...Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves. :)

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Re: Flash Player vs. HTML5 Player in v27

Post by techX » 2017-03-12, 14:18

Thank you Matt A Tobin to make it better here.

Well, i have a suspicion that PM might behave differently under 32-bit and 64-bit platforms and maybe even across the OS systems (W7/W10) and maybe with various mutual combinations of these parameters. I think that it will be good to scout this matter (unfortunately i have no 64-bit system at my hand). Anyway, W7 (32/64-bit) is most dominating platform up to these days.

I guess it is known to all of you that HTML5 Player does not support hardware accelaration anymore. So one of the disadvantage comming out from this is that HTML5 and MPEGDash (i.e. the stream protocol) is much more sensitive and more exacting on stability.
Also, many websites discovered new problems with their archives which were so far unknown under Flash Player (FP). It seems that HTML5 topic is quite hot thing in internet/multimedia content of these days. I just hope that PM community will resolve this big HTML5 issue and also will continue with the FP support - it is always handy to have a back up plan;)

For those they have a problem with HTML5 just use this temporary solution - the method of enforcement of the Flash Player. With new version v27.1.2 everything works fine;)
See: viewtopic.php?f=29&t=14990&p=109179#p109179

I am curious for any news in HTML5 in relation with PM! Of course, i wish that PM supports and sports with HTML5 without any issue everywhere;)