Sudden problem with RoboForm extension..Help please!

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I Love Dogs

Sudden problem with RoboForm extension..Help please!

Post by I Love Dogs » 2015-12-29, 22:43

I've been using PaleMoon with my RoboForm extension for well over 2 years, but for some reason, PaleMoon decided to remove the RoboForm Toolbar extension! Everything was in its proper place early this morning, but when I tried to access RoboForm to fill-in login information early this afternoon, the whole toolbar had mysteriously disappeared!
I immediately went to the Add-ons Tab to make sure it was enabled, (it was); then I closed & reopened PM, (hoping I just had to remind it to put RoboForm back), but it didn't. Then I did a complete reboot, just in case it needed more of a reminder, but, still no luck.
My last attempt to fix things was to re-install RoboForm, but sadly, that didn't work either.
I've run out of ideas to try, & I've rebooted my PC & reinstalled RoboForm at least 3-4 times, so I don't know what else I can try.
I'm hoping that someone has a fix for me, as I just can't function without RoboForm!
Thanks for taking the time to read my post, & hopefully, someone will know what I need to do.
Thanks in advance for your help, & Best Wishes to You & Yours for a VERY Happy & Healthy 2016!
Best Regards,
I Love Dogs :)

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Re: Sudden problem with RoboForm extension..Help please!

Post by LimboSlam » 2015-12-30, 01:25

There have been some compatibility issues with RoboForm and Pale Moon. But I'm sure if you do a search, you might be able to find a solution to your problem.

It's also on list of known compatibility add-ons:
With Pale Moon by my side, surfing the web is quite enjoyable and takes my headaches away! :)
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Re: Sudden problem with RoboForm extension..Help please!

Post by Gary5 » 2015-12-30, 11:31

Roboform has a setting option under Browser Integration called something like Attach to Firefox even if adaptor is not installed. That's one thing to try fiddling with. Another is installing an older version of Roboform. There's a link to version 6.9.92 somewhere in this forum. Last, did you switch to PM 64 bit? Roboform only worked in 32 bit last time I tried.

...adding: I assume you tried View-Toolbars-Roboform in the PM menu.


Re: Sudden problem with RoboForm extension..Help please!

Post by baysailor » 2016-01-06, 22:09

I had the same problem but have it working now. In the Login Browser area I checked other and entered the Pale Moon Browser location. Example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Pale Moon\palemoon.exe. I also have attach Roboform to Firefox even if adapter is not installed in the Browser Integration area, but I haven't checked to see if that is necessary or not.

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Re: Sudden problem with RoboForm extension..Help please!

Post by deebee09 » 2016-04-14, 15:19

This attached extension will work with the latest version of Pale Moon and the latest version of Roboform. Download it and open Pale Moon. Open the Add-ons Manager and select the gear icon on the top right hand side of the Add-ons page. Select install add-0n from file and go to where you saved the Roboform Extension and select it to install it.
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Re: Sudden problem with RoboForm extension..Help please!

Post by harry12 » 2016-07-17, 18:49

Thanks for the extension, deebee09. Solved my problem. :D



Re: Sudden problem with RoboForm extension..IT WORKS!

Post by jscrenci » 2016-08-09, 16:49

Thank you for the Roboform extension, it worked perfectly :D . I have been without Pale Moon for a while now, searching for a real solution, and dragging your attached file fixed it perfectly. I also made sure no updates would take place without letting me know, so I can test them before implementing. More folks need to know about this extension, I hope the moderator will somehow make that know.
My thanks,