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Users of Adblock Plus and Adblock Edge - READ THIS, again...

Posted: 2014-12-02, 09:48
by New Tobin Paradigm
Suddenly threads have been popping up asking the same question with a real feeling of déjà vu. However I cannot find a reason for to be coming up again.

Adblock Plus and Adblock Edge upon Pale Moon 25.0 became partly inoperative. Namely the toolbar button. While it still functioned and options could be accessed from the add-on manager a temporary solution had to be devised. This came in the form of the Pseudo-Static versions (modified to work) of them while we tried to work out a solution with the developers.

Though it became clear that this would never be resolved so a new solution was devised. This came in the form of Adblock Latitude. Despite being posted in multiple locations and social media outlets listed below suddenly more posts from people who somehow missed it. So here we are again with a global sticky announcement. Please check the below links.

Moonchild's Announcements:

Official Thread: viewtopic.php?f=46&t=6614
Add-ons Site Announcement Center:
Link to Adblock Latitude: