Heres my Fierr port for Palemoon

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Heres my Fierr port for Palemoon

Post by nonat » 2013-11-08, 02:13

Hi, im not an addon developer, just like looking for things to improve in addons so far, and decided to port the useful Fierr error page addon with a Palemoon logo

So made a replacement image using the Palemoon logo and added abit of shading to the background, which should look fine on most screen resolutions, but check the template images to confirm. With the two versions uploaded, the smaller one seems to look better on my 1366 screen, but assume the larger looks better at higher rez.

Fierr with Palemoon logo
Fierr with Palemoon
(1.31 MiB) Downloaded 90 times
Btw: heres a quicker install guide than what i included in the readme. Its using 7z as an example, you need to be able to view and overwrite an archives contents without extracting and preferably one like 7z that can open xpi files, otherwise just need to manually change the .xpi extension to zip and back to xpi when done.

1) goto the Fierr homepage but dont install it directly, right click on 'Add to Firefox' and choose 'Save Link As' to download the direct link
2) save it somewhere handy, and using 7z etal, right click to open it in the program and browse to its chrome/content folder
3) then find where you saved my Palemoon versions and drag one of them into that chrome/content window, itll ask 'are you sure you wanto copy files to archive?'
4) 7z has no save menu options but does resave it properly when the programs closed, so just close it
5) in Palemoons extensions menu, goto the tool icon up top and choose 'Install addon from file...' browse to the fierr file.
6) restart

Heres some pics
Large logo screenshot
Small logo screenshot

Large logo template with background (1920x1080)
Small logo template with background (1920x1080)
Large logo template no background (560x560)
Small logo template no background (560x560)

you can also find me at mozillaZine forums as nonat

EDIT: Ok, i just got reminded by the Fierr developer, theyve already made a tool to create your own custom backgrounds, i never even read the description :oops: So you dont need to download this mod,

but can still use the two logo templates, and upload them to the Fierr custom background tool linked in the homepage description

to make the other tweaks to the box coloring same as what i used in the screenshots make the following changes
Underline color: #5898FF
Top Left Edge color: #195D8B
Bottom Right Edge color: #5F9BFF

and note the template itselfs mostly opaque, so changing the background color wont do much, will take on a minor tint, but changing the foreground color will change it alot and doesnt look great unless using a very light blue if at all
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Re: Heres my Fierr port for Palemoon

Post by Admin » 2013-11-09, 11:01

A few things:
  • Please don't use mediafire or other ad-spammy file hosting service (they use popups/popunders and are notorious for attempting drive-by-downloads of malware). If you have a file to share, use the "upload attachment" feature of this forum.
  • Please don't promote commercial AV services, especially not through add-ons that impact user's privacy and seem to be very hit or miss in their reliability. If people want to scan the download I'm sure they will with their own AV scanner.
Thanks for your consideration!
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Re: Heres my Fierr port for Palemoon

Post by nonat » 2013-11-09, 12:32

ok, good to know, ill checkout if i wanto uninstall Dr.Web, just thought itd be a convenience to suggest,

and see youve reuploaded this as an attachment. In future ill do that. thanks