PM Commander 1.1 Question

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PM Commander 1.1 Question

Post by willz » 2013-10-23, 20:58

I have a question about Pale Moon Commander 1.1. On the "User Interface" panel, on tab "General", there are checkboxes
labeled "Automatically complete addresses (history and bookmarks)", "Also use previously typed addresses for
autocompletion", and "Use custom error pages". When I tick/untick any one of these checkboxes, the others are
automatically ticked/unticked when I close the dialog. Custom error pages are enabled/disabled, but there seems to be
no affect on autocompletion. I realize there may be interactions between these controls which I don't see, but is
this behavior correct? (Pale Moon 19.0.2 on Windows XP SP3.)

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Re: PM Commander 1.1 Question

Post by Moonchild » 2013-10-23, 23:03

No, that's a bug, thanks for reporting it. I'll look into that.
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