Tab Groups & TreeStyleTabs issue

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Tab Groups & TreeStyleTabs issue

Post by rouilj » 2013-09-30, 21:31

Sadly after a few days of having palemoon 24 and tab groups version 0.2 work, I ended up having some of the same issues
I originally had. Tabs would be displayed in the wrong groups. I can pull down a "move tab to group" menu by right clicking
on a tab. When I am in my personal tab group and its displaying a tab from my "work" group, the "move tab to group"
menu for the work tab doesn't have an entry for the "work" group indicating that it thinks it's in the right location despite
being in the middle of all my personal tabs.

Since this may be an interaction between TreeStyleTabs (0.14.2013091800a180300) and the externalized tab groups I guess
I will have to restructure my workflow. Time to look at different browsers I guess.

-- rouilj