Cookie Manager with certain feature.

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Cookie Manager with certain feature.

Unread post by Scottbert » 2019-05-21, 21:45


Long story re: my interaction with Pale Moon and Basilisk
I started using firefox right before it stopped being called firebird. Extensions proved incredibly useful, but since I only used them sometimes, I eventually switched to Chrome for better speed and resigned myself to having to open another browser when I needed old extensions. Eventually I discovered Pale Moon, but still found it kind of slow although I replaced Firefox with it. I eventually came to love a certain Chrome extension (Awesome Cookie Manager), meaning that now my ideal browsing experience would use both, which seemed impossible. But then I found out about Basilisk, although I had to find a different WebExtension that did the same job! Finally I had everything... except speed. Still, I used it for a long time. Then I tried Waterfox and found it provided speed but broke one extension I didn't use very much. Recently I switched from Windows to Linux, although that hasn't restricted my choice in browsers, yet.

Now I see that Waterfox is splitting in two and Basilisk is dropping support for WebExtensions for reasons that are likely to also affect Waterfox and other fireforks. So... I'm not sure what I'll do about speed, although perhaps Basilisk and Pale Moon have gotten faster since I last tried them. So I figured I'd ask the Pale Moon community if they know of an extension that can complete my desired browsing experience on legacy addons alone.
There is only one thing I care about using WebExtensions for: Cookie management. I have yet to find a classic extension that provides the functionality I want.
Examples of two WebExtensions that do:
Chrome: Awesome Cookie Manager (Broken last I checked, but seems it's been updated):
Firefox: Cookie Manager

The key function these provide is that they can save all cookies in the default or private browsing jars in a .json file and load them later. It's been exceptionally difficult to find any extensions that do this; most extensions billed as 'cookie manager' just give you a way to edit individual cookies, and the few with save/load functionality usually lack interaction with private browsing. Is there a legacy extension out there I've overlooked?

Also, if there's anything like the old Youtube Center that actually works for downloading videos that would be great; Given that Youtube has changed since Firefox killed extension support though, it would need to be a legacy extension that's still being developed. Do those exist? If so where can I find them?


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Re: Cookie Manager with certain feature.

Unread post by back2themoon » 2019-05-21, 22:37

I don't use cookie-management extensions, but have you looked here?

About the videos, as you know some of the websites that host them keep changing their code. You'd need an extension that keeps updating accordingly. This is no easy task and there is no such extension that I know of. But, there's something else that works great. Check my signature.
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Re: Cookie Manager with certain feature.

Unread post by Isengrim » 2019-05-21, 23:33

Scottbert wrote:
2019-05-21, 21:45
Basilisk is dropping support for WebExtensions for reasons that are likely to also affect Waterfox and other fireforks.
Actually, the decision to drop WebExtensions was (mostly) unrelated to Firefox and the other forks:
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