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bug: downthemall & palemoon 15.x

Posted: 2013-02-11, 06:22
by atomicdryad
Summary: In 'Down Them All!' preferences, filter list is blank.

This is a UI bug. The filters are -present-, it's just that the list itself is collapsed into nothingness. This has been an issue both the portable and normal versions of palemoon (32bit) since 15.0 till 15.4.1, in winxp sp3 and windows 7. This is definitely a palemoon bug, as I cannot reproduce it in firefox portable 15; see screenshot below for what the preference should look like (in ffportable 15) vs what it looks like in palemoon 15. This occurs with completely clean profiles.

I -think- this may be an issue with one of the default prefs perhaps, I'll attempt to poke at things with dom inspector to investigate further. I hope there's a way to fix this in palemoon 15, I'm very pleased with it, and have no interest in firefox 18 since it's an addon-breaking POS.

To reproduce: install downthemall, go to tools -> downthemall -> preferences, click on 'filters'

f7501518ec291596c92536c3d8b8f39b *FirefoxPortable15/Data/profile/extensions/{DDC359D1-844A-42a7-9AA1-88A850A938A8}.xpi
f7501518ec291596c92536c3d8b8f39b *palemoon15/User/Palemoon/Profiles/Default/extensions/{DDC359D1-844A-42a7-9AA1-88A850A938A8}.xpi


Re: bug: downthemall & palemoon 15.x

Posted: 2013-02-11, 06:54
by Moonchild
Hmm.. one thing you may try is setting browser.preferences.animateFadeIn to false; it's possible DTA's preferences dialog doesn't like that. If that fixes it, you may want to let the DTA people know since it may break their addon on Macs as well (MacOS Firefox has this pref enabled by default as well)

Re: bug: downthemall & palemoon 15.x

Posted: 2013-02-11, 09:59
by atomicdryad
I was just about to post a userChrome.css fix, but "browser.preferences.animateFadeIn"=false fixed it!

Odd that palemoon triggers a mac bug in win* (it's the same thing, dta has a mac-specific .css with min-height's, and that's what I was using for fixing via userChrome.css).

I'll poke the dta devs, though they've started a rewrite that requires ff17+. Perhaps browser.preferences.animateFadeIn should be false by default on palemoon? Or at, at least add a "down them all's prefs are broken, help!" faq entry. Then again DTA is a common addon, I'm surprised noone's posted about this before.