Split Post: Why not run lots of add-ons?

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Re: Split Post: Why not run lots of add-ons?

Post by sIDcORK » 2013-02-10, 08:39

I do love people trying to lay down rules as to how other people should use software. I run about thirty add ons all of which provide functionality that either make browsing more secure (NoScript etc), make things easier (X-Notifier, DownloadHelper etc) or provide accessibility that help with my poor eyesight and aging hands (Grab and Drag, New Scrollbars etc). They make roughly zero impact on the speed of the browser, Adblock and NoScript considerably improving load times and so what if they use more memory? It really isn't a problem with recent o/ses. And I've checked against Chrome which manages to use roughly the same amount of memory with no add ons at all.

I wouldn't dream of telling anyone else what to run or not. Although I will recommend New Scrollbars to anyone who finds the lack of contrast in the standard bar difficult.

Horses for courses, use an excellent piece of software (thanks Moonchild) and play with it to your heart's content, or not. But enjoy it.

Oh yes, I recommend NoSquint too, no more silly coloured (and consequently unreadable) posts ;)