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Textarea Cache

Posted: 2018-06-14, 08:30
by NigelUK
Hi - 1st time here, hope I'm doing it right... Firstly for info - I had a major crash 2 days ago & had to reset this PC, losing all apps & having to reinstall them.

I have PM (27.9.3 64-bit) on 2 machines, the extension "Textarea Cache" works fine on the laptop (& PM updates every time with it there) but the newer version won't download to PM on the desktop & the previous versions don't go that far back.

Is there a way to get the extension on this PC as it's the one I really need it working on? Failing that, is there something else that would do the same thing - save long forum posts for later use?

I found the version by Googling "Textarea Cache" but I have NO idea what to do with the search results - if indeed there's anything I can do!

If there's a fix for me & it involves tweakery, please make the answer simple enough for this idiot to follow :? :)

Thank you for reading this.

Re: Textarea Cache

Posted: 2018-06-14, 12:16
by vannilla
If this extension is on, go there and search for a link saying "show all versions" or something like that (it should be after the extension's description).
If you click there you'll get a list of possible downloads.
Just look for and install it.

Re: Textarea Cache

Posted: 2018-06-14, 13:25
by NigelUK
Hi vannilla & thanks for the reply.

The F'fox Addon page for the extension - - only goes back as far as Version 1.3.0 & that won't download to PM because of the WebExtensions malarkey.

What I don't understand is how PM updates through versions on my laptop & allows that old version of Textarea Cache to stay & working perfectly.

Re: Textarea Cache

Posted: 2018-06-14, 18:16
by therube
If you have the version you want on your other computer, copy it from the one to the other.
The drag it into a PM window.

You'll find it in the /extensions/ directory in your Profile folder.
It may have a "gui-id" name rather then a "text" name.
about:support should point out the name -> gui-id reference, if needed.

Re: Textarea Cache

Posted: 2018-06-14, 19:31
by NigelUK
:clap: therube - you're a star! Once I worked out what you meant by "drag it into a PM window" (I did say I'm an idiot...), after restarting PM, there it was. It means what's been a rotten day has ended on a high note - I'm so pleased, thank you SO much! :D