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[Release] Theme Tweaker

Unread post by Lootyhoof » 2018-01-13, 15:20

With the news that Theme Font & Size Changer was moved to WebExtensions, and older versions were datebombed (such that they would stop working after a specific date), I decided to fork the most recent XUL-based version of this, v56.0, so it is still usable by people.

Notable changes include:

- Datebomb has been removed (such that this will work for as long as it is compatible)
- Incompatible options have been removed
- Any code that contacts the original author's website has been removed
- Pale Moon version compatibility has been adjusted accordingly (it was only listed as v25-compatible before)

Compatibility with other applications has been left intact, which includes Firefox (/Basilisk/Waterfox), SeaMonkey and Thunderbird.

You can grab this either from the Pale Moon Add-ons Site, or the GitHub releases page. Note that this will only auto-update on Pale Moon, if any update is released in future.