Recommendations for a video downloader

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Recommendations for a video downloader

Unread postby Trinoc » Tue, 21 Nov 2017, 15:15

Can anyone recommend a video downloader extension that does all of the following?

1. Store the original YouTube (etc.) file name, not something like file_12345678.mp4.
2. Display the lengths, types and resolutions of the files to choose.
3. Preserve the file date/time stamp rather than storing the current date/time.

I currently have three video download extensions installed but every one of them fails on at least one of the above features. They are Download Helper, Flash and Video Download and Net Video Hunter.

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Re: Recommendations for a video downloader

Unread postby Giraffe » Wed, 22 Nov 2017, 08:21

You could try Ant Video Downloader. It gives the size of the file (sometimes more than one), changes the size offered if you set YT to a higher resolution and preserves the name. I don't know if it has the other attributes that you want, but they might be in the Options.
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Re: Recommendations for a video downloader

Unread postby Isengrim » Wed, 22 Nov 2017, 12:43

Common computing practice is to datestamp a downloaded file with the current time, regardless of its source, so I imagine that very few video downloaders will meet criteria #3, let alone all of them. You're probably better off settling for a downloader that satisfies #1 and #2 and using using a separate program that can edit a file's meta data to fulfill #3.

I use the ViewTube userscript for downloading youtube videos. It replaces the Youtube web player with the browser's native HTML5 player and provides some custom controls for specifying file type and resolution. All downloaded files use the video's original name as well.
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Re: Recommendations for a video downloader

Unread postby hujan86 » Wed, 22 Nov 2017, 15:22

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