[BUG][FREEZE/HANG][bootstrap addon offending code detected] PaleMoon 27.5.1 & Firefox 43 *hangs* at shutdown or restart

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[BUG][FREEZE/HANG][bootstrap addon offending code detected] PaleMoon 27.5.1 & Firefox 43 *hangs* at shutdown or restart

Post by Javier Darth_Madara » 2017-10-13, 03:42

"Hide Caption Titlebar Plus" addon author here :-)

The issue happens with new HCTP addon for Pale Moon (copy included here)
Browser also hangs on addon disable/uninstall (but a special alert message appears for choosing to avoid hanging)
For hanging, "Vertical Maximize" feature must be on (default in this copy)

The fact that it also hangs Firefox 43 may be a good clue to solve this.
In Firefox 52 thru 56 addon works ok.

Please let me know if I can be of further help in this!

Addon copy:
"Hide Caption Titleba Plus" addon special test for PM!
(617.2 KiB) Downloaded 39 times
Technical details:
Offending HCTP code already detected!: just look for "WhatIsHang.exe" in the code to see details, plus commented code to manually hang such a browser.
Also, there is a special flag to avoid hanging at all (affecting cleanup code):
In the js console put:

Code: Select all

Operating system: Win 7 64 ultimate
Browser version: Pale Moon 27.5.1 (32bit), (also Firefox 43)
Installed extensions: "Hide Caption Titlebar Plus" (experimental copy 2) (included here)

(My original post about this, for reference)
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Javier Darth_Madara
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Re: [BUG][FREEZE/HANG][bootstrap addon offending code detected] PaleMoon 27.5.1 & Firefox 43 *hangs* at shutdown or res

Post by Javier Darth_Madara » 2017-10-13, 05:22

Technical Info: (Win 7 64), from "WhatIsHang" app
Hang report for C:\Program Files (x86)\Pale Moon\palemoon.exe
Generated by using WhatIsHang on 10/12/2017 9:38:56 PM
Web site: http://www.nirsoft.net

* The program probably hangs because there is an infinite loop, very long loop, or recursive calls.

Strings found in the stack:
// observer.disconnect(); // This appears in WhatIsHang.exe's stack !

Modules found in the stack:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Pale Moon\mozjs.dll
C:\Program Files (x86)\Pale Moon\mozglue.dll , Moonchild Productions , PaleMoon,
C:\Program Files (x86)\Pale Moon\xul.dll , Moonchild Productions , PaleMoon,
C:\Windows\syswow64\KERNELBASE.dll , Microsoft Corporation , Microsoft® Windows® Operating System, Windows NT BASE API Client DLL
C:\Windows\system32\nvwgf2um.dll , NVIDIA Corporation , NVIDIA D3D10 drivers, NVIDIA D3D10 Driver, Version 376.33
C:\Windows\system32\explorerframe.dll , Microsoft Corporation , Microsoft® Windows® Operating System, ExplorerFrame
C:\Program Files (x86)\Pale Moon\mozalloc.dll , Moonchild Productions , PaleMoon,

Snapshot number 1

ThreadID: 2132

Execute Address:
6B104FD3 mozjs.dll+0xc4fd3

Call Stack:

Stack Data:
002E81A4 06BF52F0
002E81A8 06BF539E
002E81AC 04020050
002E81B4 0000005E
002E81B8 002E84F0
002E81BC 06BF539E
002E81C0 0FED6FA0
002E81C4 6B337D60 mozjs.dll!?DumpHeapComplete@js@@YAXPAUJSRuntime@@PAU_iobuf@@W4DumpHeapNurseryBehaviour@1@@Z+0xdd0
002E81C8 0FED6FA0
002E81CC 002E820C
002E81D0 6B337DAC mozjs.dll!?DumpHeapComplete@js@@YAXPAUJSRuntime@@PAU_iobuf@@W4DumpHeapNurseryBehaviour@1@@Z+0xe1c
002E81D4 002E81F0
002E81D8 00000000
002E81DC 00000000
002E81E0 002E89A0
002E81E4 0FED6FA0
002E81E8 00000000
002E81EC 006C0061
002E81F0 00000000
002E81F4 0FED6FBC
002E81F8 002E8258
002E81FC 0A935760
002E8200 06BF52F0
002E8204 00000002
002E8208 00640001
002E820C 6B386A30 mozjs.dll!??_7CompileOptions@JS@@6B@
002E8210 00700000
002E8214 6B3D1E68 mozjs.dll+0x391e68
002E8218 00000000
002E821C 00000000
002E8220 000000B9
002E8224 00000001
002E8228 00000000
002E822C 00000000
002E8230 00000000
002E8234 00000001
002E8238 00000001
002E823C 00000000
002E8240 00000000
002E8244 00000000
002E8248 00000000
002E824C 0FED6FAC
002E8250 002E86E4
002E8254 00000000
002E8258 0FED6FBC
002E825C 002E8640
002E8260 00000000
002E8264 0FED6FC8
002E8268 002E8634
002E826C 00000000
002E8270 0FED6FA0
002E8274 002E8280
002E8278 00000004
002E827C 00000080
002E8280 00000000
002E8284 00000005
002E8288 00000052
002E8290 00000000
002E8294 00000000
002E8298 00000000
002E829C 00000000
002E82A0 00000000
002E8308 71D6CF8D mozglue.dll!_recalloc+0x8dd
002E8318 71D6CF8D mozglue.dll!_recalloc+0x8dd
002E8330 71D6DEB3 mozglue.dll+0xdeb3
002E834C 71D6CF8D mozglue.dll!_recalloc+0x8dd
002E8364 71D6DEB3 mozglue.dll+0xdeb3
002E837C 71D7141F mozglue.dll+0x1141f
002E8380 5DFA8EF6 xul.dll+0x98ef6
002E8394 5DFCC9C6 xul.dll+0xbc9c6
002E839C 5F35B844 xul.dll+0x144b844
002E83A0 5DFC4CDA xul.dll+0xb4cda
002E83A8 5DFC4CE2 xul.dll+0xb4ce2
002E83B8 5DFA4615 xul.dll+0x94615
002E83E4 71D6ECA0 mozglue.dll+0xeca0
002E8434 71D6DBDC mozglue.dll+0xdbdc
002E8470 71D6DB05 mozglue.dll+0xdb05
002E849C 5E5E00EA xul.dll+0x6d00ea
002E84C4 75207270 KERNELBASE.dll!IsNLSDefinedString+0x4d9
002E8538 6B3D1E68 mozjs.dll+0x391e68
002E8568 71D6DEB3 mozglue.dll+0xdeb3
002E8580 71D7141F mozglue.dll+0x1141f
002E8608 6B33A851 mozjs.dll+0x2fa851
002E8664 6B16F3B0 mozjs.dll+0x12f3b0
002E8680 636E7566 nvwgf2um.dll+0x577566
002E8684 6E6F6974 explorerframe.dll+0x96974
002E869C 71D6DEB3 mozglue.dll+0xdeb3
002E86D0 6B3570B9 mozjs.dll!?formatMessage@GCDescription@JS@@QBEPA_WPAUJSRuntime@@@Z+0x6c9
002E86F0 6B31C26B mozjs.dll+0x2dc26b
002E8700 6B31C1B0 mozjs.dll+0x2dc1b0
002E8710 6B09CB40 mozjs.dll+0x5cb40
002E872C 6B12E612 mozjs.dll+0xee612
002E8754 5E2A18A8 xul.dll+0x3918a8
002E8764 5E29FBAE xul.dll+0x38fbae
002E877C 5E29FBF4 xul.dll+0x38fbf4
002E878C 6B34319C mozjs.dll!?NewFunctionWithReserved@js@@YAPAVJSFunction@@PAUJSContext@@P6A_N0IPAVValue@JS@@@ZIIPAVJSObject@@PBD@Z+0x90c
002E87A4 6B3D2B58 mozjs.dll!?family@Wrapper@js@@2DB+0x2a
002E87DC 6B17BFC1 mozjs.dll+0x13bfc1
002E87E4 6B12FF5E mozjs.dll!?JS_DefineDebuggerObject@@YA_NPAUJSContext@@V?$Handle@PAVJSObject@@@JS@@@Z+0xfce
002E87F0 6B1631B6 mozjs.dll!?JS_WriteUint32Pair@@YA_NPAUJSStructuredCloneWriter@@II@Z+0x2c6
002E8848 6B37222E mozjs.dll!?New@Wrapper@js@@SAPAVJSObject@@PAUJSContext@@PAV3@1PBV12@ABVWrapperOptions@2@@Z+0x5e
002E8850 6B3F13AC mozjs.dll!?singleton@CrossCompartmentWrapper@js@@2V12@B
002E886C 6B2EEDE5 mozjs.dll+0x2aede5
002E88A4 6B31135E mozjs.dll!?populateUncaughtExceptionReportVA@ErrorReport@js@@AAE_NPAUJSContext@@PAD@Z+0x81e
002E88CC 6B143AF3 mozjs.dll!?initWithIterator@ForOfIterator@JS@@QAE_NV?$Handle@VValue@JS@@@2@@Z+0xcd3
002E88D8 6B31647A mozjs.dll+0x2d647a
002E88F4 6B3F13AC mozjs.dll!?singleton@CrossCompartmentWrapper@js@@2V12@B
002E8904 6B3F13AC mozjs.dll!?singleton@CrossCompartmentWrapper@js@@2V12@B
002E8944 6B3CE3D8 mozjs.dll+0x38e3d8
002E894C 6B12E8CC mozjs.dll+0xee8cc
002E8964 6B3CE3D8 mozjs.dll+0x38e3d8
002E89E0 6B341D5B mozjs.dll!?JS_vsprintf_append@@YAPADPADPBD0@Z+0xe1b
002E8A08 6B343FDE mozjs.dll!?OrdinaryToPrimitive@JS@@YA_NPAUJSContext@@V?$Handle@PAVJSObject@@@1@W4JSType@@V?$MutableHandle@VValue@JS@@@1@@Z+0x30e
002E8A5C 6B3492CA mozjs.dll!?ToObjectSlow@js@@YAPAVJSObject@@PAUJSContext@@V?$Handle@VValue@JS@@@JS@@_N@Z+0xba
002E8A70 6B128AC7 mozjs.dll+0xe8ac7
002E8B40 6B3F7108 mozjs.dll+0x3b7108
002E8BF8 6B1E54AC mozjs.dll+0x1a54ac
002E8C0C 6B15F0DD mozjs.dll!??0ProfilingFrameIterator@JS@@QAE@PAUJSRuntime@@ABURegisterState@01@@Z+0xcfd
002E8C10 6B26311F mozjs.dll+0x22311f
002E8C1C 6B1E5508 mozjs.dll+0x1a5508
002E8C94 6B094D7F mozjs.dll!?reset@PerfMeasurement@JS@@QAEXXZ+0x9ef
002E8C98 6B1E57E3 mozjs.dll+0x1a57e3
002E8D0C 6B12DB21 mozjs.dll+0xedb21
002E8D10 6B12E0A5 mozjs.dll+0xee0a5
002E8D14 6B39B9C4 mozjs.dll!?JSID_EMPTY@@3Ujsid@@B+0xc64
002E8D18 6B12E165 mozjs.dll+0xee165
002E8D70 5EDC4FF7 xul.dll+0xeb4ff7
002E8DA0 5DFAC3EE xul.dll+0x9c3ee
002E8DA4 5DFAC40C xul.dll+0x9c40c
002E8DC0 5EF66480 xul.dll+0x1056480
002E8DDC 5DFAC3EE xul.dll+0x9c3ee
002E8DE0 5DFAC40C xul.dll+0x9c40c
002E8DF0 5EED7ACD xul.dll+0xfc7acd
002E8E08 5ED8AD8A xul.dll+0xe7ad8a
002E8E0C 5EF66480 xul.dll+0x1056480
002E8E14 5EF6648F xul.dll+0x105648f
002E8E24 71E91190 mozalloc.dll!moz_free
002E8E28 5E52AAD1 xul.dll+0x61aad1
002E8E2C 5E52AAFD xul.dll+0x61aafd
002E8E38 5E52B420 xul.dll+0x61b420
002E8E4C 5EF5B471 xul.dll+0x104b471
002E8E80 6B216377 mozjs.dll+0x1d6377
002E8EB0 5DFAB300 xul.dll+0x9b300
002E8ED4 5F26B930 xul.dll+0x135b930
002E8ED8 5DFAC3EE xul.dll+0x9c3ee
002E8EDC 5DFAC40C xul.dll+0x9c40c
002E8EEC 5ED59070 xul.dll+0xe49070
002E8EF8 5ED58F0B xul.dll+0xe48f0b
002E8F1C 5EF85B35 xul.dll+0x1075b35
002E8F34 5EF75763 xul.dll+0x1065763
002E8F3C 5EF7576D xul.dll+0x106576d
002E8F70 5EFEB57D xul.dll+0x10db57d
002E8F78 5E5C53B3 xul.dll+0x6b53b3
002E8F80 5EFEF1C9 xul.dll+0x10df1c9
002E8F8C 5E57E92E xul.dll+0x66e92e
002E8F98 5E57E9A0 xul.dll+0x66e9a0
002E8FA8 6B39B9C4 mozjs.dll!?JSID_EMPTY@@3Ujsid@@B+0xc64
002E9060 71D716E5 mozglue.dll!_aligned_free+0x15
002E9080 5EED8EF7 xul.dll+0xfc8ef7
002E90D8 5EED7ACD xul.dll+0xfc7acd
002E9100 5DFAC3EE xul.dll+0x9c3ee
002E9130 5EF66480 xul.dll+0x1056480
002E9148 71E91190 mozalloc.dll!moz_free
002E9150 5E52AAFD xul.dll+0x61aafd
002E9194 71D6DEB3 mozglue.dll+0xdeb3

Processor Registers:
EAX: 06BF539E
ECX: 002E8270
EDX: 00000000
ESI: 06BF539E
EDI: 002E8270
EBP: 04020050
ESP: 002E81A4
EIP: 6B104FD3 mozjs.dll+0xc4fd3

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Re: [BUG][FREEZE/HANG][bootstrap addon offending code detected] PaleMoon 27.5.1 & Firefox 43 *hangs* at shutdown or res

Post by JustOff » 2017-10-13, 09:52

Javier Darth_Madara wrote:Hi,
"Hide Caption Titlebar Plus" addon author here :-)
Welcome to the forum Javier and thank you for your efforts to provide a modern version of HCTP for Pale Moon :thumbup:
While I'm pretty happy with HCTP 2.8.6, it would be nice to check out the new features and get official support.

I hope to see your very useful add-on listed on the Pale Moon Add-ons Site soon!
Here are the add-ons I made in a spare time. That was fun!

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Re: [BUG][FREEZE/HANG][bootstrap addon offending code detected] PaleMoon 27.5.1 & Firefox 43 *hangs* at shutdown or res

Post by Moonchild » 2017-10-13, 10:37

So, what exactly is the cause? Is it something that's an actual bug in the browser?
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Re: [BUG][FREEZE/HANG][bootstrap addon offending code detected] PaleMoon 27.5.1 & Firefox 43 *hangs* at shutdown or res

Post by Javier Darth_Madara » 2017-10-13, 22:12

Yes, I think It is the browser.

You can hang it using this:
1) Install this HCTP copy
2) Run this:

Code: Select all

	HideCaption.myUnloaders.forEach(function (f) {
		dump( "HC_OnClose>>>>  \n"+f );
"myUnloaders" is the classic array of functions for cleanup purposes.
You will see like 4 items in the dump output, and when accessing the next item , it just hangs.
You can see where such items are loaded by looking for "WhatIsHang.exe" in the code.
The rest of items/functions loaded in this array doesn't cause any trouble.

And also, Firefox 43 shows the same behavior.

PD: You can also hang the browser by
* disabling the addon,
* just open a new window and close it.


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Re: [BUG][FREEZE/HANG][bootstrap addon offending code detected] PaleMoon 27.5.1 & Firefox 43 *hangs* at shutdown or res

Post by Marcus » 2017-11-16, 10:15

Just noticed a newer version was available for PM specifically, many thanks, hope to see it in the addons site soon :thumbup: