Flash will be dead and buried by 2021

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Flash will be dead and buried by 2021

Unread post by Lins31 » 2021-12-04, 06:36

Flash will be dead and buried by 2021

Im surprised! (Hi to Moonchild, Darleks and Moonbat)
Firefox kills Flash - if it gets opened

My Firefox updates still kill Flash working on Palemoon
(Firefox - when started, writes creates its profile folder under ~/.mozilla/Firefox)
Its a nightmare :( :-(
It redirects - Puts shortcut in (soft link?)
Ive done this ~14 times this year - but Im still playing my game Miramagia

What works for me is
1) Not opening Firefox
2) If Firefox is opened - Then rename / delete local file ~/.mozilla - so it is recreated
3) Open Palemoon

When are you guys going to choose a new folder for the home for flash?
Love Lins <3


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Re: Flash will be dead and buried by 2021

Unread post by Moonchild » 2021-12-04, 07:37

We have no control over where Flash is installed (it's installed in the system, not the browser)
If Firefox kills flash from the system or otherwise cripples NPAPI use system-wide, then that is a serious issue you should take up with Mozilla!
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Re: Flash will be dead and buried by 2021

Unread post by Moonraker » 2021-12-04, 14:59

I have the libflashplayer.so only installed in usr/lib/mozilla/plugins and have done for years with no issues what so ever with pale moon..Yes i do have firefox portable on my puppy linux install and has never interfered with the use of flash.
Upup focal fossa 32bit puppy linux user.

Pale moon 29.4.1

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