I don't care about cookies, (out of EU)

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I don't care about cookies, (out of EU)

Post by bawldiggle » 2019-12-03, 06:20

I have just received an auto update to v3.0.8
in the authors annual report in a user comment
It doesn't actually block cookies, it say's
'just let me have the cookies, and stop pestering me about them'
the quote.png
I am in the southern ocean ... OZ ... not affiliated with EU.

The EU "requirement" is irrelevant to me .... nor do I want the cookies ...
How do I wipe the EU banner _AND_ and obliterate persisitent cookies after I have selected another tab

Google are always in there somewhere and I dont want to be tracked :(

Thank you ;)
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Re: I don't care about cookies, (out of EU)

Post by moonbat » 2019-12-03, 08:43

You could add one of several cookie warning block filter lists to your adblocker of choice. I also block all cookies by default and whitelist only the ones for sites that require a login, using Cookie Masters
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Re: I don't care about cookies, (out of EU)

Post by Moonchild » 2019-12-03, 11:03

bawldiggle wrote:
2019-12-03, 06:20
The EU "requirement" is irrelevant to me
Unfortunately, there's no way for websites to verify that you are factually in the EU or not. They can guess based on IP, but everyone knows that using a VPN or what not immediately invalidates that guess. So, because it's a law and that law doesn't distinguish between on-line apparent presence and physical location (since it was written by lawmakers, not techies), it's thrown up everywhere.

Blocking cookies might break the site's operation, too. There's no harm in allowing cookies for confirmation of dismissal of a banner; I'm pretty sure none of that is used for tracking ;P
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