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Theme impact for 28.14.0 secure site changes

Posted: 2020-09-28, 00:12
by RealityRipple
Theme Developer Side Note Regarding Site Security Display in 28.14.0:

These changes bring back the #urlbar[security_level="mixed"] and #padlock-*[level="mixed"] states for mixed content and make use of the #urlbar[security_level="low"] and #padlock-*[level="low"] states for low-grade encryption. Your theme may already include the low-grade encrypted coloring and padlock, and re-use "low" for the mixed content security level. Providing separate coloring and allowing the new mixed content padlock to be displayed (or creating your own) is highly recommended. The chrome URL for the new mixed content padlock, should you need it, is "chrome://browser/content/padlock_mod_mixed.png".