If you are on the unstable version READ THIS

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If you are on the unstable version READ THIS

Post by Moonchild » 2019-12-20, 01:36

It seems it needs to be said too often in individual threads, but let me make this clear here:

If you are on the unstable channel, you will have noticed that we are starting to work on a new milestone (v29).
Full Themes are always strict about which versions they are for, by design.
Milestones tend to make changes that make themes incompatible to a smaller or greater degree because they must remain in sync with every part of the user interface, so as a precaution themes are not set to be compatible with a later milestone.

Themes will be updated as the new milestone gets closer to release, and the compatibility has been settled upon. Don't expect them to be compatible any time soon because we may yet make larger changes to the application that impact themes (at the time of this post we have only -just- bumped the alpha/unstable version).

If you want to keep using your theme, stop using the unstable channel.
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