userChrome getting cleared

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userChrome getting cleared

Post by ChelonianEgghead » 2019-03-28, 05:40

Quick question, how come Pale Moon keeps deleting the contents of my userchrome.css file? I was trying to follow this guide, but the file keeps going blank. ... nu-button/

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Re: userChrome getting cleared

Post by coffeebreak » 2019-03-28, 08:42

Do you already have a chrome folder in your profile?
If not please create it, because ChromEdit Plus (which your article concerns) won't create/save the userChrome file until that folder exists.

To create it :
  • Open your profile;
  • then exit the browser;
  • Create a folder/directory in your profile named chrome (lower case);
  • Start the browser back up.
    Now edits to userChrome.css / userContent.css made with ChromEdit Plus should save properly.