How to set tab stop width in my theme

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How to set tab stop width in my theme

Unread post by xtal256 » 2018-11-05, 04:28


I have a custom theme, based on a really old one for Firefox 2.0, that I use to modify the Pale Moon UI to my liking.

Whilst looking at code on GitLab, I noticed that the indentation was larger than I expected. It seems that Pale Moon uses a default tab width of 8 characters for fixed-width fonts. I prefer a width of 4 characters.

Now, I found that I can set a CSS property -moz-tab-size to control this, and that the default CSS for pages is in the file resource://gre-resources/html.css.
What I cannot figure out is where to override this in my own theme extension?

I guess I could put the CSS rule anywhere (e.g. browser.css), so long as it is loaded for every page. But that seems a little messy. Is it possible to make a separate CSS file for overrides to the default html.css file?
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Re: How to set tab stop width in my theme

Unread post by Andrewgupta » 2019-05-13, 11:47

My website has currently 3 CSS files that are automatically included as a part of the website and I do not have access to the source i.e. index.html of the website but I do have access to the CSS files of my website.

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