questions re old theme: Sky Pilot Classic

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questions re old theme: Sky Pilot Classic

Unread post by Gorlash » 2018-09-08, 13:15

I really miss this beautiful theme, but it hasn't been updated since 2011... like so many theme authors, he got tired of chasing Firefox's constant rule changes...

Anyway, it's still possible to download an old version of the theme, but it does not load successfully in Pale Moon; it just says "not compatible with Pale Moon".
Is there a structural reason why this fails?? Or is it merely necessary to change a version number in the file somewhere??

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Re: questions re old theme: Sky Pilot Classic

Unread post by Goodydino » 2018-09-08, 19:51

Does Theme Compatibility Provider not allow you to install it? You might have to begin by changing the information in install.rdf. You can find that in any Pale Moon theme's install.rdf.
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