Keep default icons in other themes

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Keep default icons in other themes

Unread post by cecilieaux » 2018-11-06, 19:48

I accidentally used a different profile in the profile manager and came upon the truly inspired icons in the default theme. Then I tried to get back to my favorite themes and the icons were gone. So ...

Is there a way to keep the default icons, which are not as (IMNSHO) ugly as other themes?

and ... dare I ask ... Is there a theme maker?

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Re: Keep default icons in other themes

Unread post by vannilla » 2018-11-07, 10:50

You most likely need to edit the theme yourself.
No, there is not a theme maker. There's a tutorial on making themes on the forum. If you read it, you'll see why there isn't one.

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Re: Keep default icons in other themes

Unread post by Lootyhoof » 2018-11-07, 11:00

You could also try installing the theme of your choice, then installing Classic Toolbar Buttons and changing the icons to your liking.

Alternatively, the Compact Moon theme combined with Compact Moon Options has a variety of icons, in addition to a dark mode.

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