Mozilla signals the end of XUL add-ons on AMO.

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Mozilla signals the end of XUL add-ons on AMO.

Unread post by Lootyhoof » 2018-08-21, 15:43

Following our removal of support for the Mozilla Add-ons Site on May 8 this year, I received the following email today from Mozilla directly, regarding their site. I figured I should share it with you all. Given the timescale they mention, I'm glad we migrated when we did personally.

It may be of interest for those who want to make any local backups of add-ons hosted on their site. As always, if developers are interested in porting to Pale Moon, feel free to contact us, or point developers in the right direction.
Firefox Add-ons Team wrote: Hello,

You are receiving this email because you are listed as a developer of a legacy add-on on (AMO). Mozilla will stop supporting Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR) 52, the final release that is compatible with legacy add-ons, on September 5, 2018.

As no supported versions of Firefox will be compatible with legacy add-ons after this date, we will start the process of disabling legacy add-on versions on AMO. On September 6, 2018, submissions for new legacy add-on versions will be disabled. All legacy add-on versions will be disabled by early October 2018. Once this happens, users will no longer be able to find your legacy versions on AMO.

After legacy add-ons are disabled, you will still be able to port your extension to the WebExtensions APIs. Once your new version is submitted to AMO, users who have previously installed your extension will automatically receive the update and your listing will appear in the gallery.

You can find more information about porting legacy extensions to the WebExtensions API on MDN, and we encourage you to visit our wiki for more information about upcoming development work and how to get in touch with our team if you need any help.


The Add-ons Team

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Re: Mozilla signals the end of XUL add-ons on AMO.

Unread post by Offset » 2018-08-21, 23:17

Have all the many docs for writing extensions been copied, including for the cfx sdk? Is there a gateway page to those docs set up now on

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Re: Mozilla signals the end of XUL add-ons on AMO.

Unread post by alex04 » 2018-08-27, 13:17

lots of users are not happy about this ... x-add-ons/

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Re: Mozilla signals the end of XUL add-ons on AMO.

Unread post by Isengrim » 2018-08-27, 13:32

Add-ons Community Manager wrote:Unfortunately, we have limited resources and do not have the capacity to create and maintain an archive.
Bull. If some unpaid volunteers for the fork projects that rely on XUL-based add-ons can do it with their own time and money, Mozilla certainly can. They are choosing not to.
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Re: Mozilla signals the end of XUL add-ons on AMO.

Unread post by therube » 2018-08-27, 13:37

What about Thunderbird and Seamonkey? When is their last release with support for legacy addons, and does that match your timeline?
Jorge Villalobos wrote

They have their own add-ons website now: ... -now-live/

There are some preliminary plans to implement something like WebExtensions for Thunderbird, but I don’t think there’s a timeline for it.
Also an expected response, but then also rather meaningless.
One cannot determine the "state" that TB's site may be in, what may or may not exist on TB's sites, & then there is the fact that there is "rollover" (back & forth) between the two sites (as in looking for particular extensions on one end may lead you to the other or vice-versa).

And Mozilla knows all of this, but could care less.
(IOW, we're done with this, it's now their baby, & what happens with that, well, that is their issue.)

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Re: Mozilla signals the end of XUL add-ons on AMO.

Unread post by Night Wing » 2018-08-27, 13:53

alex04 wrote:lots of users are not happy about this ... x-add-ons/
Those users' comments are falling on deaf ears at Mozilla. And those deaf ears at Mozilla are "by design". ;)
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Re: Mozilla signals the end of XUL add-ons on AMO.

Unread post by New Tobin Paradigm » 2018-08-27, 14:03

Dunno why this is a big shocker.. We knew about them removing all non-webextensions last year.. The original date for the cull was end of June but we suspected they might drag their feet for a few months afterward.

We all planned ahead of course and set a date, May 8th, when we would cut the last ties to AMO for Pale Moon.

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