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Posted: 2018-06-02, 18:17
by dreieck
On, the Firefox addons "gTranslate" and "Quick Translator" are listed as incompativle with Pale Moon, and it is advised to use "S3.Google translator".

However, this addon contains a tracker:

When the addon is enabled, whenever I visit a new domain (or revisit an
old one after some time), this is logged to, possibly
containing other data.

I see HTTP requests of the form

Code: Select all<key>&out=
<key> is a hex string with 32 characters.

If the addon is disabled, those requests are not sent out.

So I strongly advise to place a fat warning to the entries at which mention "S3.Google Translator".

Tested with S3.Google Translator version 5.35 in Pale Moon 27.9.2 (custom build).

(Same with Screengrab!, by the way.)