We now have an Add-ons Validator!

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We now have an Add-ons Validator!

Unread post by Lootyhoof » 2017-11-06, 22:16

So, you're a developer and want to see if your install.rdf is valid in Pale Moon? Or maybe you're a user who's curious what kind of add-on it is (XUL/Bootstrap/Jetpack/PMkit/WebExtension)?

Worry not, we now have a validator for that.


For those technically-minded: this checks a file, named install.rdf, inside the extension you upload. It then checks this for errors, such as whether Pale Moon is listed as a targetApplication. If it's not, it will tell you as such. Similarly, if it detects other issues, it will also highlight them.

Note that this should not be seen as a "compatibility checker", and is mainly for developers to let them know that their install.rdf file is correctly formed. In particular, those wishing to submit their add-ons to our add-ons site may wish to use this to validate their install.rdf before submitting, so they know it is correct.

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Re: We now have an Add-ons Validator!

Unread post by back2themoon » 2017-11-07, 00:21

Nice one, thanks. :thumbup:
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Re: We now have an Add-ons Validator!

Unread post by Gandalfdjh » 2017-11-07, 13:39

Another great job by a Pale Moon developer. Well done. :D
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Re: We now have an Add-ons Validator!

Unread post by Thehandyman1957 » 2017-11-08, 03:39

Sweet, just keeps getting better and better. Keep up the great work. :thumbup: