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Attn. extension devs: Help improve the add-ons site!

Unread postby Moonchild » Wed, 18 Oct 2017, 10:59

It's come to our attention that a good number of people who have add-ons listed on our add-ons site are not using the various files correctly/as-intended. Most notably using the designated fields for "Home page" of the extension (if you have one) and "Repository URL". If you don't have a designated home page for the extension, don't put the repository URL there; If you do have a home page, use the home page field and not the phoebus.content space; don't put a long description in a short description field, etc.

So please, to all extension developers who have extensions on, for improvement of our site and to make the transition to a database-driven format as smooth as possible in the future:

  • Familiarize yourself (again) with the manifest files, their fields, and what the fields specifically are for.
  • Check your phoebus.manifest and phoebus.content files, as well as the install.rdf files in your extension to make sure the correct fields are used for the correct content.
  • Update the necessary files on the website using FTP.

Thanks in advance!
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