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The Mac OSX version of Pale Moon is provided by various people and is not official or in any way organized at this moment. Your assistance in bringing this build to fruition is greatly appreciated, but you can expect there to be bugs and problems as long as we don't have a maintainer or official builds!

Any specific bugs you find that don't have their own topic yet: please make a new topic; one bug per topic please to keep things organized.

Please also note that these builds are currently created by various independent Mac OS X people and not by our core team; core devs will likely not be able to provide insight or assistance due to lack of Mac hardware and OS/build knowledge for Mac. You'll have to solve the issues among yourselves.
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Re: Pale Moon 28.15.0

Unread post by dbsoft » 2020-11-17, 18:51

grasor wrote:
2020-11-17, 12:53
I reexamined the problem and determined that the modal dialog window being presented under the circumstances described in my previous post is being rendered too small to show the Confirm Security Exception and Cancel buttons at the bottom of the dialog. If I carefully select the bottom edge of the default object containing the modal dialog, I can "strech" or resize it downward to reveal the buttons. Is it possible to render the modal dialog in a slightly larger area?
Strange, I am not sure why it would present too small like that, I will test on 10.13 later today and get back to you, but every version I tested so far... the window has been big enough to show all the buttons.

Tested on 10.13 and this is what I see:

(I removed the URLs and serial number from the screenshot)

If you are still encountering problems can you take a screenshot and send it to me, and/or send me the test URL in private?


Re: Pale Moon 28.15.0

Unread post by grasor » 2020-12-06, 21:33

Sorry for the SLOW reply.

I will re-test this issue under your latest build (28.16.0) and send you an update.